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Inexpensive Wedding Tips

Wedding is one of the most beautiful events in life. That is why some people are willing to spend much money for their wedding. However, you have to remember that you have many other needs after getting married. So, spending too much money is not a good idea. How can a wedding be held on budget? Of course, you need to consider some factors. In this article, I will share the wedding tips to save money.

Select the Important Guests

One of the factors that affect your budget in holding a wedding is the guests. The more the guests who come, the higher the cost will be. If you invite too many guests, you need to provide the larger space. Besides that, you also need to serve more amounts of meals. It will cost more. So, to realize cheap wedding tips, you need to be selective in choosing the people you will invite. You can focus on your families and close friends. This will be effective wedding tips to save money.

Select Free Venue

Besides that, you have also to pay attention to the venue where your wedding is going to take place. Some people prefer holding their wedding at a hall, building, hotel, restaurant, etc. Of course, they need to rent the building and it costs not cheap. So, you have to avoid it. It will be better if you hold the wedding at the bride’s house. If it is impossible, you can also hold the wedding at your house. Anyway, you need to select free venue for your wedding tips so that you can save money.

Wear Used Gown

Then, most people also spend their money for the gown. It is because they buy the new gown. Even more, some people also call a professional designer to design their wedding dress. Of course, it is not a good idea. In fact, the bride will not wear the gown after the wedding. For the wedding tips on budget, you need to consider wearing used gown. If your bride has the same body type with her mother, she can also wear her mother’s used gown. She may also consider wearing her older sister’s gown. That can be one of the best wedding tips.

Design Simple Decoration

Lastly, you also do not need to spend too much money for wedding decoration. Wedding decoration is important but you have to keep it simple. The most important thing is to give the best welcome for the wedding guests. That all the wedding tips that you can follow for cheap wedding.

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wedding in Taiwan

Wedding in Taiwan for Getting the Most Amazing Moment

Well, unforgettable wedding is the desire of every people in this world. Wedding is the most exclusive occasion that some people will have in their life as it brings them to the new stage of life. The life where they will share everything together with the one that they love will come and new happiness will smite. Now, when you want to have the most exclusive and extraordinary moment of wedding, the wedding in Taiwan always offers that chance of happiness. Why does wedding at Taiwan become special? Let us find out the reasons.

The Special Things You Get From Taiwan

The first thing that you will have when you have your wedding in Taiwan is the greatness of the choice of wedding. Taiwan is a great nation that provides many kinds of beach for you. The beach with many conditions is ready to be used for having wedding. Wedding in the beach is an extraordinary idea as you will get a really nice atmosphere of beach to make the wedding get more exciting. The air of the beach which is cool and enjoying will never make your wedding bored.

Then, when you want to have wedding in Taiwan, you will have many hotels too for the wedding. Not only hotels for the place to have the wedding, but wedding of Taiwan are also provided by the hotels in the shape of services. This service will make you get an easy wedding as you do not have to trouble yourself with annoying preparation for the wedding. All wedding will be ready to be run and you do not have to lay a hand because the hotel will do all the preparation for you.

Then, as you see there are so many beaches for wedding in Taiwan, it is also meant that there will be so many places for spending a lovely honeymoon too. Honeymoon will be qualified when we have a beautiful place as a place for having fun with our beloved mate. Beach, amusement center, and other great place can be set into some romantic place and in Taiwan, all of that romanticism will be fulfilled at ease. I will not think twice when I have what it takes to have my wedding in this great nation.

You see that wedding in Taiwan is something which is more than what we can imagine. The real experience that you will get will also be more than this explanation. You better start to collect your fund for doing it.

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honeymoon package

The Best Honeymoon Package That You Should Order

Have you just had your wedding and you need a good moment for your honeymoon? If you want to have an easy honeymoon, you better start to look for the honeymoon package that commonly comes with a set of necessities that you will need for conducting the honeymoon. There are many agencies that provide package for honeymoon. Whether it is international or local, there are certain things that you should consider when you want to have this package.

The Criteria for Amazing Honeymoon Package

First of all, it is the most important part that we do to know the package of honeymoon has included the place for staying or not. You have to find the honeymoon which has provided a place to stay so you can spend your honeymoon without additional payment for the stay. You have to understand what place that will be your place to stay when you have the honeymoon package. This kind of check is important because you need to find the best place that suits your and your mate’s taste well.

The second, you better find the one which has included a service for honeymoon. The honeymoon package should consist of special moment for having honeymoon like a candle light dinner which will make a romantic moment for honeymoon. You need to make the best moment and such romantic moment will make the best of the best. In honeymoon, all that you do is just sitting and waiting for the plan that you have purchase because that moment is your independent day.

Then, you need to find the honeymoon package which provides a tour for picnic too. You will never feel enough when you just stay in your home stay for spending your honeymoon. You and your mate should have quality time in the public place so you get a nice moment of togetherness too in the outdoor. You have to make sure that you get the transportation and the unlimited time for doing the quality time because quality time will not be qualified when it is limited.

The last great news when you want to have the honeymoon package is the experience of the agencies that you hire. You better make sure you have hired the most experienced service for the package in your local place. The experienced agencies often provide high price but it will be worth the satisfaction that you will have. Your tendency of disappointment of the package will be small and you will tend to get the best satisfaction. Satisfaction is expensive but satisfaction is the best thing in this life.

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wedding present

Tips before Decided What Wedding Present to bring

Are you a friend who has invited by your friends and you do not what will you bring for a gift? Some people will give best and special item for the couple hopefully they cannot forget who the giver. Some search the unique items that none has and anti-mainstream. You may tire of the options of popular wedding present that usually give for both bride and groom. The unique and still precious is difficult to find. Another options like do it yourself items is not easy for you. Furthermore, the budget is your consideration before buy it.

We answer all of your confusing with the tips below. The wedding present can precious but useful for both bride and groom is maybe your best seeker. However, the couple who have everything is the different tip to give the gift. You may consider the couple passion for suitable gift. The best gift for couple who love cook but anti mainstream is also you will get the tips below. We hope, the tips is useful and you know what will next you buy for your friend’s wedding.

Tips for Couple who has complete household

You will confuse what you will give for your friends who has complete household in their home. The utensil is the mainstream item moreover the couple has already in the home. The unique and pretty items can be exist in your friend’s home that never be forgotten. The monogram glass is anti-mainstream items that you can choose for the best wedding present. You can easy to shop the unique item in the several shops and buy it with extra price.

Understand what the couple passion

If you a best friend of the bride or groom you will know what she or he loves about. If she loves cooking you can buy the bake utensil set that will useful for both the bride and groom. The useful wedding present will linger and unforgettable items even they have already in the home. The craft beer is also the option if you know the groom passion on champagne drink. The unique item will complete their favorite time while they spent. Make sure that your gift is not tacky and reachable price can you go for that.

Tips for couple who love cooking

The special option for the couple who love cooking is the cookbook receipt. You can give the wedding present whether Europe or Asian menus. The cookbook can you complete with beautiful napkins that will useful for all cooking process. The slate cheeseboard and bottle opener are the unique items for the couple. You can pick the best one and high quality material for the longer uses.

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wedding photo malaysia

Best Wedding Photo Malaysia

Wedding photo Malaysia is a wedding photography services located in Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya, Klang Valley, and Penang. With wedding photo Malaysia, special moment in your life will feel more special and perfect. Your happiness was doubled. Wedding photo Malaysia has a lot of professional photographers that are reliable and friendly. Those photographers will be happy to immortalize your happy moments. In addition to photography, wedding photo Malaysia also provides videography services that are handled by a professional videographer.

Wedding photo Malaysia understands that organizing a wedding is challenging, both in the preparation, implementation, and budget. Therefore, wedding photo Malaysia strives to meet your needs according to your budget. For a fee, wedding photo Malaysia fix prices start from RM 499 for photographic activities in the afternoon or evening with a short duration. As for the wedding ceremony at noon which is usually held one full day, wedding photo Malaysia to adjust the price to the duration, location, theme, number of photographers, equipment, etc.


Wedding photo Malaysia provides good services for pre-wedding photography as well as in the day of the wedding. There are many marriages that have addressed this wedding photo Malaysia, namely Chinese weddings, Indian weddings, and Malay weddings. First, we will discuss about the Chinese weddings. One of Chinese wedding handled by wedding photo Malaysia is Yao and Xiao Heng’s pre-wedding photos. The process of shooting is done in Melaka and Port Dickson. This is a great place for the outdoor wedding photos thanks to the support of good weather, blue skies, and beautiful scenery. The best photos from this photo shoot are photograph with beach background.

Next are Indian weddings. One session wedding photo dealt by wedding photo Malaysia is Ah Boy and Maya. This is one of the remarkable weddings. The results of the shooting are truly extraordinary. Besides because of photographer is reliable, is certainly supported by the bride and groom themselves. Indeed, the bridal couple is romantic and full of surprises personal. No wonder if the photos produced by this wedding photo so perfectly regardless of the reliability of the photographer.

The last are Malay weddings. One example of Malay weddings that is handled by wedding photo Malaysia is a wedding photo of Ameer and Sharifah. This is a unique concept of marriage. This marriage brought the concept of like in a fairy tale wedding. Marriage that is luxurious and full of creativity. This feast is also similar to the celebrity weddings with red-carpet as a trademark.

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Wedding Photo Booth Malaysia
Wedding Photo Booth Malaysia
wedding headpieces

Wedding Headpieces to Enhance the Bride Appearance

Getting the idea of the wedding headpieces is one of the best ideas for people to enhance the bride appearance. This idea will be amazing because people will find the bride different looking. This one will help the bride look like a queen in the wedding day so that they also will look elegant in appearance. It may be simple but it will give a big influence for people appearance especially for brides in the wedding day. Furthermore, some variation styles are available in this idea so that women choose the suitable one for the brides.

The amazing one in the wedding headpieces

The amazing one that can be found in the wedding headpieces is the style of the headpieces. The headpieces idea will look amazing because it is looking great. Some variation ideas are available also in this one so that the brides will look different with their usual appearance. The important thing that should be noticed by people in this one is that people should choose the suitable headpiece for their head. If the appearance of this one is suitable, people will find their appearance great.

In the wedding headpieces, people will find some variation ideas that can improve the people appearance. They, for instance can find the style of the bridal headpieces in wedding. In this style, people will find the unique appearance like a princess with their crown. Besides, the design of this one is also amazing with its headpieces decoration. The flower decoration design in this one will give the best appearance for the bride in their wedding day celebration.

Furthermore, people also will find other styles in the wedding headpieces that can show the impressive one in their appearance. Gaining this purpose, people can choose the style of the Chinese style wedding headpieces. The chine style in this one will look cute and great. This one will be suitable for people especially for the bride that has oriental face shape. The cute and elegant appearance will be found by people when they apply this one as their headpiece.

Because of that, getting the wedding headpieces will be the great idea for people that want to enhance their appearance in the wedding day celebration. Besides, this one also can be found in some variation style so that people also should get the suitable one for their head and face shape when they want to wear the headpiece in their wedding. If the headpieces are suitable, people will find the great appearance in their wedding day celebration.

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wedding headpieces

wedding registration

What to Learn before Going to Wedding Registration

After Civil Registration Act commencement in Part 6, in 2007, marriage registration procedure is similar whether you will marry in secular or religious ceremony or Registry Office. However, you need to know some wedding registration points and they are about rules and the mechanisms to deal with wedding registration. Thus, this article can be taken as wedding guide before you step further in planning anything to hold your wedding.

Wedding Registration Rules for Every Citizenship

For you who want to marry your couple, actually you need to go to Registrar of Civil Marriages in your district to get marriage information and the process. If you plan to marry with secular or religious ceremony, actually you should go to the authorities which can help you for the wedding registration. Based on the rule, all couples who want to marry must give notification to the person who is intended to be married in or more than 3 months of their marriage date. The notification may be delivered to anyone as the registrar.

For you who want to marry in civil ceremony, usually the registrar solemnizing your marriage process will register your marriage by using MRF information immediately after your ceremony. If you have your marry in secular or religious ceremony, actually you need to give your MRF in a month toward a Registrar to do wedding registration. Indeed, it doesn’t need to be given back to your Registrar issuing it.

It is also important to note that there is a special wedding registration rules. It occurs in marriage registration outside Ireland. For Irish citizens who want to marry abroad, actually they will be registered in the wedding country of them. Their General Register Office don’t have any function for registering their marriage (although they hold Irish citizens) if they marriage abroad. They will get no advice of marriages from their own country about the wedding. However, the registration will be registered in Ireland if there are so specific circumstances.

After you get some information about wedding registration, especially the rule, we will make you know about the fees. This is really beneficial to save your money. For the marriage registration, there is no charge or for error correction occurred on your marriage certificate. The fees are available for the certificate copies. A wedding certificate is actually issued based on welfare purposes with reduced cost. In this case it is required to show a not got from the Department of Social Protection.

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wedding registration
Bridesmaid Dress Malaysia
wedding exhibition Malaysia

The Great Wedding Exhibition Malaysia and the Preparation

Proposing the idea about wedding must be done in the special way to make it as the great moment to be remembered. To gain the purpose, the creative plan must be proposed. You must use the special idea from wedding exhibition Malaysia for making the great attention from all of your guests. Holding the great wedding moment is as important as the wedding moment itself.

The perfect concept from the wedding exhibition Malaysia can be gained by the perfect plan. Because of that, the first step must be taken by you when you want to show the amazing wedding is by choosing the wedding exhibition Malaysia idea that is in line with your desire about your wedding moment. So many options of the styles can be chosen and all of them propose the different way of gaining the purpose.

Some Moments of the Wedding Exhibition Malaysia

The wedding exhibition Malaysia is often held in Malaysia. You will find it even in every month. Because of that, you do not need to feel afraid about the hard way for finding the moment of attending it. As often you joint the moment, you will get more information about the wedding. You then can get the great imagination about the possibility of your wedding is held in special way.

One example of the wedding exhibition Malaysia is the one held on April, 2015. This one is held in Kuala Lumpur. There all of the wedding aspects from the bridal aspects into the wedding accessories can be found as being displayed. You are a lucky person when you can attend it. To get the information about the moment like this one, you must update your relation with the media. The great event like this one is always notified in the big media in Malaysia. Because of that, as long as you follow the news from the media, you can get the entire wedding exhibition Malaysia event held.

The wedding exhibition Malaysia has the important role to give you the example about the way for holding a wedding moment. You also can get a simple description about the cost must be paid. So, you can take the better preparation too for your wedding from a long time before. That is the simple useful thing but of course its important role cannot be ignored as the greatest one relating to your wedding preparation.


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wedding exhibition Malaysia

Coffee Cake

Coffee Cake for Party Meals

Who does not like cake? Almost everyone loves cake. Besides the sweet shapes, cake also has various tastes. Even more, the cake name can also attract people. Cake is usually served in a party. There are many kinds of cake. One of the most popular and interesting cakes is coffee cake. May be you have been familiar to this kind of cake. Yes, you can find this cake in some parties.

Coffee Cake Tastes

What is on your mind when you hear about coffee cake? Maybe, some of you will imagine a cake with coffee taste. That image can be right and wrong. Simply, that is not totally right because coffee cake taste is not only coffee. So, what are the tastes of this cake? It has various tastes like other kinds of cake, for example milk, chocolate, vanilla, fruits, coffee, etc. This various tastes make this cake is appropriate for party meals.

Coffee Cake Shapes

Talking about cake shapes will never be boring. The creativity makes cake shapes are more various, including coffee cake shapes. The shapes of this cake are various like other cakes. So, it will be depended on you. The common shapes of this cake are square, oval, round, heart shaped, etc. In formal parties, square cake becomes the most favorite shape because it is easy to cut into some pieces. In informal and semi-formal parties, unique shapes of coffee cake will be a good idea.

How to Eat Coffee Cake

As it is mentioned above that coffee cake is not a cake that has coffee taste only. The taste can be coffee or others. So, what is it? It is a cake that is served with a cup of coffee. Besides coffee, some people also serve a coffee cake with ice cream. Of course, it will be tastier. To enjoy it, there are many ways. The first, you can cut the cake into some pieces. Then, eat each piece followed by drinking the coffee. The second is similar to the first one but you do not need to cut the cake. Another way is that you can dip the cake into the coffee, and then eat it. It is very delightful, isn’t it?

With various tastes and shapes, coffee cake is appropriate for all kinds of party. It can be the alternative of breakfast and dessert. It is also delightful to enjoy it. So, are you interested in it? If you are, you can try this cake for your party to satisfy the guests.

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coffee cake

Catering Trucks

The Benefits of using the Catering Trucks for a Transportation

The Catering Trucks have the significant role for helping the act of selling some foods today. It has its added value relating to the easiness to move and reach so many places. The customers, at the same time, also will like more to have the nearer location for buying something. Since the catering truck can bring so many types of foods, the options can be chosen are in high variations too. That is the additional benefits to be considered from it too.

Of course the appearance of the Catering Trucks only found in some special places only. The reason is because it is only used by the great catering business only. For having a truck like that, the owner must propose the additional modal too and so that is only played by the great vendor of catering. Even if that can bring more benefits but the modal must be spent for buying the truck itself can be said as too high for some beginner vendors.

The main function of the Catering Trucks then relates into its role for helping the transportation. Since nowadays the rivalry in catering business field becomes tighter, it becomes possible too for using some additional creative ideas for reaching the customer. Using the special truck is one of the ways chosen for gaining that purpose. Of course this way needs some considerations too especially relates into the modal must be spent.


The Facts about Catering Trucks

Operating the Catering Trucks will need the higher modal more than only buying it. For operating it everyday for example, the owner will need to calculate the modal for its gasoline. That can be depended on the area where the truck is operated. Sometimes that can be a big budget to be calculated especially when the operation area of the truck is really wide. It must be considered to be compared with the possible budget reached through this way.

Sometimes, the Catering Trucks also are used for the transportation of the catering into the special place of the customer. People who present the wedding ceremony or the party for example can book the catering from its owner. For that additional function, the benefit of operating the truck can be increased since that is only the simple task to be finished. Of course for that purpose, the construction of the truck itself is different from the common trucks.

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Catering Trucks