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Wedding photo Malaysia is a wedding photography services located in Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya, Klang Valley, and Penang. With wedding photo Malaysia, special moment in your life will feel more special and perfect. Your happiness was doubled. Wedding photo Malaysia has a lot of professional photographers that are reliable and friendly. Those photographers will be happy to immortalize your happy moments. In addition to photography, wedding photo Malaysia also provides videography services that are handled by a professional videographer.

Wedding photo Malaysia understands that organizing a wedding is challenging, both in the preparation, implementation, and budget. Therefore, wedding photo Malaysia strives to meet your needs according to your budget. For a fee, wedding photo Malaysia fix prices start from RM 499 for photographic activities in the afternoon or evening with a short duration. As for the wedding ceremony at noon which is usually held one full day, wedding photo Malaysia to adjust the price to the duration, location, theme, number of photographers, equipment, etc.


Wedding photo Malaysia provides good services for pre-wedding photography as well as in the day of the wedding. There are many marriages that have addressed this wedding photo Malaysia, namely Chinese weddings, Indian weddings, and Malay weddings. First, we will discuss about the Chinese weddings. One of Chinese wedding handled by wedding photo Malaysia is Yao and Xiao Heng’s pre-wedding photos. The process of shooting is done in Melaka and Port Dickson. This is a great place for the outdoor wedding photos thanks to the support of good weather, blue skies, and beautiful scenery. The best photos from this photo shoot are photograph with beach background.

Next are Indian weddings. One session wedding photo dealt by wedding photo Malaysia is Ah Boy and Maya. This is one of the remarkable weddings. The results of the shooting are truly extraordinary. Besides because of photographer is reliable, is certainly supported by the bride and groom themselves. Indeed, the bridal couple is romantic and full of surprises personal. No wonder if the photos produced by this wedding photo so perfectly regardless of the reliability of the photographer.

The last are Malay weddings. One example of Malay weddings that is handled by wedding photo Malaysia is a wedding photo of Ameer and Sharifah. This is a unique concept of marriage. This marriage brought the concept of like in a fairy tale wedding. Marriage that is luxurious and full of creativity. This feast is also similar to the celebrity weddings with red-carpet as a trademark.

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Wedding Photo Booth Malaysia
Wedding Photo Booth Malaysia