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Wedding Cake Toppers Ideas

Best moment in life should be made as best as it can. Wedding is suitable to be one of those best moments and you have to make the wedding as beautiful as it can. You can do many things to make wedding get more interesting. Often, people always think that great moment comes from a great thing but actually, little thing is also able to give you a great moment. One of those great little things is bringing a good wedding cake with nice cake toppers. I will not bother much with the cake but in this chance, I will focus on giving idea about toppers for cake.

Various Cake Toppers for Your Cake

Now, I will tell you some ideas that you can use for the cake toppers. The first idea is the cake topper by putting a small doll of the bride and bridegroom. This idea may be the most common ideas because a lot of people have done it. This decoration will surely make an intimate and unforgettable wedding ceremony because you have such a wonderful topper for your cake. You can bring a great moment of romantic when you design the doll in some actions like dancing together or having a tea together.

Then, the second idea for your wedding cake toppers is symbolic toppers. Symbolic topper means a topper which symbolized a wedding ceremony. The examples of this symbol are heart, rings, flowers, and other things. Among all of those toppers of cake, the most suitable symbol for a wedding topper is surely the heart. Heart can represent the pureness of the love that they have and it can be used for showing a strong affection that exists in wedding ceremony.

Then, you can find the other cake toppers that are easy to be made. This topper is a topper with a picture. You just need to put a frame and photograph in it and then place it in the peak of the cake. This is a truly easy topper cake to be made and it will not cost you much money too. With you and your mate photograph in the peak of the cake, there will be no reason to say that the wedding is not romantic.

Those are the ideas for cake toppers that you can make. I think you better think the best topper that you can find in your area. A best topper should also be adjusted with the surrounding culture which exists in your environment.

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cake toppers