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What to Learn before Going to Wedding Registration

After Civil Registration Act commencement in Part 6, in 2007, marriage registration procedure is similar whether you will marry in secular or religious ceremony or Registry Office. However, you need to know some wedding registration points and they are about rules and the mechanisms to deal with wedding registration. Thus, this article can be taken as wedding guide before you step further in planning anything to hold your wedding.

Wedding Registration Rules for Every Citizenship

For you who want to marry your couple, actually you need to go to Registrar of Civil Marriages in your district to get marriage information and the process. If you plan to marry with secular or religious ceremony, actually you should go to the authorities which can help you for the wedding registration. Based on the rule, all couples who want to marry must give notification to the person who is intended to be married in or more than 3 months of their marriage date. The notification may be delivered to anyone as the registrar.

For you who want to marry in civil ceremony, usually the registrar solemnizing your marriage process will register your marriage by using MRF information immediately after your ceremony. If you have your marry in secular or religious ceremony, actually you need to give your MRF in a month toward a Registrar to do wedding registration. Indeed, it doesn’t need to be given back to your Registrar issuing it.

It is also important to note that there is a special wedding registration rules. It occurs in marriage registration outside Ireland. For Irish citizens who want to marry abroad, actually they will be registered in the wedding country of them. Their General Register Office don’t have any function for registering their marriage (although they hold Irish citizens) if they marriage abroad. They will get no advice of marriages from their own country about the wedding. However, the registration will be registered in Ireland if there are so specific circumstances.

After you get some information about wedding registration, especially the rule, we will make you know about the fees. This is really beneficial to save your money. For the marriage registration, there is no charge or for error correction occurred on your marriage certificate. The fees are available for the certificate copies. A wedding certificate is actually issued based on welfare purposes with reduced cost. In this case it is required to show a not got from the Department of Social Protection.

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wedding registration
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